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WESTENDER Instagram: Vancouver not immune to paid-post controversy

DECEMBER 15, 2015 Instagram: Vancouver not immune to paid-post controversy Niki Hope — Westender Vancouver Fashion insider Joshua Langston weighs in on ‘Insta-celebs’ getting paid to post. — streetscout.me photo When you’re flicking through that Instagram feed, and you spot Amber Rose bursting at the breasts and hips from her “waist trainer,” it’s pretty clear […]

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Westender: Stylist Crystal Carson on what to wear and where to go for New Year’s Eve in Vancouver

Kelsey Klassen Stylist and television personality Crystal Carson has her finger on the pulse of Vancouver’s New Year’s Eve parties. — Liz Rosa Crystal Carson stylist, media darling, event consultant is as in-demand as it gets in Vancouvers competitive and intimate fashion scene. We asked her for a window into her whirlwind life, especially in […]

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Photography by Melissa Gidney CRYSTAL CARSON Age: 33 Occupation: Fashion Stylist Describe yourself in under 100 words. Entrepreneur, socialite, fashionista living in wanderlust spreading positive energy like pixie dust. If you had to describe your RAW shoot in one word what would it be? Authentic. What surprised you most about the experience? Since I am […]