Even though most people think my best advice is learned through years of educational training as a relationship counselor, it’s really those around me that often teach me the most. In the spirit of learning from others, I asked ten Vancouverites what their best relationship advice was. Here’s what they shared:

a) Always look at your lover or partners relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. In my case; I looked at the relationship of my man and his mother. This will tell you a lot about what your relationship will be like. It’s the first relationship they have experienced with the opposite sex.

b) Never go on a second date with anyone if you do not burst into laughter that almost brings you to tears on the first date. I live by a quote from the movie Michael with John Travolta. ” you got to learn to laugh, it’s the way to true love.” Life is far from perfect; knowing how to laugh with your partner is the most important.

c) Be their dream come true. Everyone has an idea in their head of the perfect someone but no one is perfect. It’s just a bunch of little things that create that dream. So ask what they are, don’t be afraid if you aren’t all of them, the things you do align with are what you can focus on and live to create magic in their life.

d) Be honest, open and real. When you truly love someone you must know the worst thing about them and accept it. Crystal Carson (Stylist)




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