WESTENDER Fall Fashion 2016

AUGUST 22, 2016

Fall fashion preview: Hits and misses
Aileen Lalor — Westender
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Gigi Hadid walking for Chanel FW16 during Paris Fashion Week. — Contributed photo
It seems more than a little bit ridiculous to be writing about autumn style as the sun’s splitting the stones. However, the fashion calendar dictates that summer ends around Aug. 31 and thereafter we must ignore the thermometer and swelter in winter coats. We asked our favourite fashion friends for their top tips this season, and what we should avoid.

Right to bare arms

Chanel, Fall/Winter 2016/2017 – Contributed photo
Stylist Crystal Carson says that this season is all about the arms. “We saw one-shoulder pieces, bell, over-long and puffy balloon sleeves, and a continuation of the cold-shoulder trend,” she says.

Puff piece

The one item that will be in everyone’s wardrobe is the puffer jacket, according to Carson. How to stop them looking basic or soccer mom? “Look for longer ones in luxe fabrics with interesting finishing or asymmetric tucks to the neck.”

Colour me good

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Chanel, Fall/Winter 2016/2017 – Contributed photo
Pack away summer’s orange-y reds, burgundy and pastels. This season, says stylist Nadia Albano, everyone’s got the blues. “It’s a huge trend this season with royal blue and midnight blue making a big appearance on runways,” she says. “We’re also seeing purple, saffron, yellow, military green and the obvious – black.”

High-street hits

Albano believes one-shoulder silhouettes, micro-pleats, ruffles and tassels will be a big hit. “Tartan, plaid and anything military will also play well because they can easily be integrated into an existing wardrobe,” she says. “The ’80s revival – metallics, big shoulder pads and Lurex – will be great for thrift shoppers.” Carson’s betting on chokers. “They’re not just trendy – they’re essential,” she says. “Menswear and androgynous sweatshirts will also be big – literally, because they’re oversized. Then there’ll be luxe fabrics like velvet, and patchwork jeans instead of ripped ones – reconstructed, not deconstructed.”

Fashion duds

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Stella McCartney, Fall/Winter 2016/2017 – Contributed photo
“Puffer jackets over evening wear doesn’t work for me,” says Carson. “I mean, we’re forced into it as Canadians, but I think it’s an awkward combination.” According to Albano, “the vinyl trend and the moto jumpsuit are definite skips. They’re not versatile enough and don’t work for most lifestyles and body types.” And, says Carson, anyone who has to do anything practical should skip extra long sleeves. “They’re totally unrealistic for people who need to do normal stuff like typing – the most dysfunctional look of the season,” she says.

It’s a keeper

Both Albano and Carson say you should hold on to your cold-shoulder tops. To style them for winter, Carson recommends layering over a turtleneck. “That works for slip dresses too,” she says.
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